The Oaks mathematics vision

At The Oaks we strive for children to become reflective and resilient mathematicians, who can recall and use knowledge fluently, reason mathematically, make connections and apply their learning to a range of problems. Our relentless drive for improvement and high expectations of all are central to what we do. 

Reflective and resilient mathematicians 

We strive for children to become:

Recall and use knowledge fluently

We strive for all children to become fluent mathematicians who can efficiently, accurately and flexibly recall additive and multiplicative facts and use these facts in a range of mathematical contexts. Children’s learning is engaging and memorable - they are actively involved at every point in the lesson and taught to represent their mathematical understanding using manipulatives and pictures. Through learning at school and at home, we strive for knowledge to be learnt to automaticity whilst also teaching children to be reflective and resilient, using what they know to help them with what they don’t know, yet!

Reason mathematically

We strive for children to be articulate mathematicians; the ability to reason logically, explain, conjecture and prove their mathematical thinking using mathematical vocabulary is central to the children’s learning, driven by our focus on oracy across the curriculum.

Make connections

We strive for children to become independent thinkers who recognise that mathematics is an interconnected body of knowledge; we want them to be mathematicians who make connections, using what they have learnt in the past to help them with what they are learning now, and what they will learn in the future. Our curriculum is planned so that children all move through the content at the same pace, in small steps both within and between lessons. We strive for children to be reflective, noticing patterns, including what is the same and what is different.

Apply learning to a range of problems

We strive for children to be able to apply the languages of learning, knowledge and skills to a range of real-life contexts; our aim is that they will utilise their independent thinking to examine mathematical problems and apply their reflective skills to check their method and answer. Our mathematics curriculum strives to prepare children for their further mathematics learning, mathematics in their everyday lives and future jobs and for learning in other subjects, such as science, PE, PSHE and DT.

High expectations for all

We relentlessly strive for improvement, keeping the highest expectations of all and for all. Working closely with the maths hub, we ensure all that we do is informed by research and accompanied by high quality CPD for our staff. Our curriculum reflects the needs of our children, and we prioritise and adapt our teaching based on our ongoing assessments of their learning, implementing high-quality, evidence-based, targeted intervention for all children that need it. 

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