Physical Education

At The Oaks we strive to ensure our pupils are both physically active and physically literate. By that we mean, they possess the skills, the competencies and the attitudes that mean they will love and enjoy being active, for the rest of their lives.

Through the delivery of our ambitious and broad curriculum we strive for children:

PESSPA contributes exceptionally well to the development of pupils’ character, confidence, resilience and independence and supports their persistence in the face of challenges and difficulties. We strive to offer a wide and rich range of extra curricular experiences that enhance and extend pupils interests and talents. Pupils are motivated, engaged, participate willingly and respond positively to the sporting and cultural opportunities on offer.

The principles of physical literacy are to:

Children who are not considered to be physically literate are at a great disadvantage when trying to fully participate in physical activity sessions and/or sports.

We strive for children to know how to eat well, maintain an active lifestyle and keep physically and mentally healthy. They know the mental and physical benefits of an active life as well as the risks associated with an inactive lifestyle. Know how and when to seek support including which adults to speak to in school if they are worried about their health. We strive for children to know the importance of building regular exercise into daily and weekly routines and how to achieve this. 

For further information, please email - FAO Mr Marshall