Year 4

Miss Stark

Mrs Akdemir

Mrs Ellis

Miss Wright

This term, our learning will be taking on astronomical proportions as we learn all about Earth and Space! Children will be superstars as they learn all about planets, our solar system, and the movement of the Earth and moon! 

As writers, we will create informative reports all about space that will be out of this world! We will also read the ‘Moon Man’, which will inspire us to write diary entries and take part in a debate. Finally, we’ll master speech punctuation as we write in a narrative style, looking at the text ‘The King of Space!’

In reading lessons, we will continue to work in groups and read a range of non-fiction and fiction extracts.

With the multiplication check coming up in the Summer term, our number skills learning will continue to focus on times tables with weekly homework being set on TT rockstars. Please watch the videos on the maths section of the website if you’d like more information about how to support your child on TT rockstars. In maths lessons, we’ll continue to focus on the most important knowledge that children need in order to blast off as excellent mathematicians! We will focus on written methods for multiplication and division. 

In our DT learning, children will have the opportunity to design and create their own biscuits. Art will focus on art and design skills building on their learning from year 3. We are introducing a new geography unit this term, the children will be learning about latitude and longitude and how they can use this knowledge to learn about what a location is like.

We will continue to have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please send children to school in their PE kits. 

TT rockstars homework is set on a Monday and has to be completed by the following Monday. We have a class check in each week to see how the children are getting on. 

We can’t wait to get started on our learning this term, the children are going to rock-et