Year 6

Mr Morley

Mrs Ellis

Miss Adams

This term the children will be learning about Deserts and Water, with the key question ‘Deserts: friend or foe?’ They will be developing their skills as a scientist as they learn about how animals have adapted to their environment. As part of this topic, the children will learn about the location and features of hot and cold deserts, the distribution of food and water, the water cycle and how deserts are used for tourism. Developing their skills as a geographer, they will also be learning mapping skills and creating a map of their local area using symbols and a key during a geography fieldwork trip after half term.

In maths this term, children will be learning the key arithmetic skills needed for success in Year 6, including formal calculation methods and how to calculate fractions. Please help your child by practising their number skills focus each week and supporting them with their homework which will be posted online on Google Classrooms every Monday. In English we will be covering various text types and developing our skills as writers. Reading continues to play an important role in our learning and we hope to improve the children’s ability to develop their answers to questions from a range of different texts.

In science, as well as learning about adaptation, the children will be learning about classification keys, evolution and inheritance. In RE, children will be learning about the key belief of incarnation in Christianity and Tawhid in Islam. In PSHE they will be learning about health and wellbeing. In PE, children will be swimming on a Monday. In DT, the children will be learning to create automata toys and in art they will be developing their art and design skills, including learning about impressionist artists and conveying emotion through art. In computing, the children will be learning about Excel spreadsheets and developing their learning about coding.

*Year 6 will have swimming every Monday and PE with Mr Marshall on a Tuesday.

*In Year 6 children are expected to read every day (including sometimes to an adult) and should aim to complete an AR quiz regularly in order to provide them with vital skills and earn in-school rewards!