Personal, Social, Health and Economic

The Oaks PSHE vision

At The Oaks we strive for the children to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive and healthy way and contribute positively to the world they live in.  

Independent thinkers

We strive for our children to:

Lead a healthy and happy life

We strive for all children to understand what positively and negatively affects their mental health and we aim to equip the children with strategies to regulate this. Children’s learning is engaging and memorable, they are actively involved and learning is linked to their needs and experiences. We strive for children to be independent thinkers when making choices about their health and lifestyle. We encourage them to reflect on these habits to ensure they have a balanced lifestyle. Ultimately, We aspire for all of our children to become good citizens who have the strategies to make the right choices.

Healthy relationships 

We strive for children to build and maintain healthy relationships, built on mutual respect, honesty and open communication. This applies to both in the classroom with teachers and peers, within family groups and online relationships. Children respect each other's opinions and ways of life, and can make their own decisions without fear of retribution or retaliation. Children are aware of what constitutes a healthy relationship and are able to seek support and advice if they are unhappy or in danger. 

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Contribute to the world in a positive way

We strive for children to contribute to the community and wider world in a purposeful way, understanding that the world is diverse and varied. We strive to equip our children with the ability to cope with life's challenges, adversity and failures, teaching resilience and reflectiveness so that they can bounce back when faced with difficulties. We model being good citizens and teach the children how to look after themselves in life and the natural world. 

Make connections 

We strive for children to become independent thinkers who recognise that PSHE underpins our social world. We want children to make connections to themselves and the real world, using what they have learned in the past to help them with what they are learning now, and what they will learn in the future. Reflecting on scenarios they have been in. Our curriculum is planned progressively based on the needs of our children, carefully covering particular content which has been tailored to meet the needs of our children.

At the Oaks we have used the PSHE Association to structure our year group objectives. Teachers use resources from Kapow and a variety of other resources from other providers such as: The NSPCC and Natwest money sense. All of our resources are adapted and personalised where needed.  

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